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Faith's featured podcasts

Faith has been interviewed and asked to speak numerous times about her journey. If you want to learn more about narcissistic abuse and hear these interviews, click below. If you'd like Faith to appear on your podcast or speak at an engagement, please email her here.  


The Ultimate Journey of Self Care

Redefining Boundaries with Faith Echo

On this episode, Alison had an enlightening conversation with Faith Echo, a recovery coach and licensed clinical social worker, focusing on toxic relationships, particularly those involving narcissistic abuse.


Emotional Abuse is Real with Sarene Leeds

Escaping Narcissistic Abuse With Survivor Faith C. Echo

Sarene welcomes Faith C. Echo. Faith is the author of Rising From  Ashes – A Testament of Strength and Survival After Narcissistic Abuse, a memoir recounting her four-year relationship with a narcissistic abuser, and her heart-pounding, covert escape with her young son. 


Dr. Paul's Family Talk

March 27th 2024

Faith C. Echo, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will join us to discuss her horrifying time with an abusive and narcissistic partner; her escape; how she is now helping others; and her book, "Rising From Ashes - A Testament of Strength and Survival After Narcissistic Abuse".

Not Your Momma's Podcast

Top 5 ways to heal from narcissistic relationship | Say No to disrespect

In this podcast episode, we talk with Faith C., who helps people recover from bad relationships with narcissists. Her book, "Rising From Ashes," tells her own story and gives advice to others going through similar things. We'll learn about signs of narcissistic relationships, ways to heal from the stress it causes, and how everyone can help survivors.

Tell Me About Your Book Podcast

A Conversation with Author, Faith Echo

John speaks with Faith about her book 'Rising From Ashes: A Testament of Strength And Survival After Narcissistic Abuse'. 

Narcissist Apocalypse.jpg

Narcissist Apocalypse

Faith & The Charismatic Controlling Abuser - Narcissist Abuse, Domestic Violence, IPV, Emotional Abuse

Brandon talks with Faith about her toxic relationship with a charismatic controlling abuser. It's a story of self-worth, emotional manipulation, hidden recorders, tracking devices, and figuring out 'why we stay.'  

The Transcend and Succeed Show 

Season 2: Episode 13 Transcending Narcissistic Abuse

Dawn Livingstone's very courageous guest is Faith Echo, a trauma-informed recovery coach, and will share her gripping journey of survival and escape from a narcissistic nightmare. Faith will unravel the signs and offer vital tips for recognizing narcissism and what to do if you want out.

Book 101 Review.jpg

Book 101 Review

Rising From Ashes: A Testament of Strength and Survival After Narcissistic Abuse by Faith Echo

Daniel Lucas speaks with Faith C. Echo about her powerful book,  Rising From Ashes.  

Hump Day Calls

HDC 23/Faith C. Echo

A conversation about writing memoirs and children's books, organizing thoughts, dealing with trauma through writing, publishing, and a little talk about dogs.

The Invisible Condition 

Season 2: Episode 24- 2am Escape: Leaving a Narcissist

Faith is a trauma-informed recovery coach who specializes in post-narcissistic stress disorder. She advocates for educating victims, law enforcement, judicial systems, mental-health professionals, emergency responders and society in general about narcissistic abuse and the path to recovery.

Courageous Inner Beast.jpg

The Courageous Inner Beast Podcast

Episode 36: Leave that Narcissistic Relationship ft Faith C. Echo

Faith C. Echo has been in the mental health profession for over twenty years. She is a trauma-informed recovery coach who specializes in post-narcissistic stress disorder. Faith gives lectures all over the country in order to educate victims, judicial systems, law enforcement, and society in general about NPD and how damaging it's abuse is. 

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