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Meet Faith

A trauma-informed recovery coach, Faith C. Echo, LCSW specializes in post-narcissistic stress disorder.  She advocates for educating victims, law enforcement, judicial systems, mental-health professionals and society in general about narcissistic abuse and the path to recovery.

My Story

 With unflinching honesty, I've written a memoir called Rising From Ashes - A Testament of Strength and Survival After Narcissistic Abuse. It recounts the hell that nearly destroyed me and my children - a four year relationship with a malignant narcissist. My very personal narrative is blended with information, advice, and tools that will give hope to any victim of similar abuse. If I can help at least one person, then my mission will be complete. 

Hearing other victims' stories is what helped me hang on and recognize what a narcissist is and finally see that I was in a toxic, abusive relationship and needed to get out to survive. My experience needs to be shared to help other victims, possibly saving their lives and those of any children involved. People need to know about this insidious disease and how detrimental it is. NPD destroys lives and can even be deadly.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share my story and help others identify narcissistic abuse and give them the courage to make important life decisions.

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